Announcing our Strategic Partnership with Avalanche’s First Desktop Wallet — AVME

Morphie and AVME are working on innovative ideas and to achieve new synergies and further accelerate the growth of Avalanche Ecosystem, we are glad to announce our strategic partnership.

AVME is a secured desktop & mobile wallet for Avalanche-based NFTs and tokens, custom-built to facilitate the virus detection and plug-in Dapp support.In addition, Morphie and AVME will further look into partnering on technical grounds and utilise the expertise achieved by both projects. AVME’s inventive wallet and Morphie’s decentralised price feeds will be integrated by each other, to further advance both the products built on Avalanche.

About AVME

AVME is a project that aims to develop high quality blockchain-based security products. Their desktop wallet was specially built for Avalanche, offering a wide variety of features such as storage and management of all C-Chain tokens, integrations with exchanges, compounding tools, ledger support as well as plug-in Dapp support thanks to its web browser extension.

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About Morphie

Morphie Network is a community-driven decentralized oracle network that gathers and links real-world data and APIs to smart contracts in a safe, scalable, and blockchain-agnostic manner. Morphie’s network oracles serve as on-chain APIs for inputting data into smart contracts, this includes everything from cryptocurrency market data to weather forecasts. Additionally, Oracles can be bidirectional, allowing them to “broadcast” data to the actual world.

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Morphie Network aims to become the largest Decentralised and community-driven oracle on Avalanche. For more info, visit:

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Morphie Network

Morphie Network

Morphie Network aims to become the largest Decentralised and community-driven oracle on Avalanche. For more info, visit:

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