Launching new $MRFI & LP pools, with our brand new partner — Ebisu Finance


With this article we update you on developments on Morphie Network. Morphie’s price feeds are already live on the Avalanche network for top 20 coins, and are being integrated by different dApps. This has formed different strategic partnerships, which we will announce over the coming days. We are also working on Morphie VRF oracles and soon developers building on Avalanche will be able to use these oracles to generate random numbers in dApps.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of people in our early bird access for the validator program we’ve decided to launch new $MRFI staking and LP staking pools. These new pools are aimed at incentivising the validators (coming soon) and to also reduce sell pressure on the token, thereby empowering the community more!

Validators will soon also earn APY on the staked tokens. Airdrop soon for validators ? Keep an eye out !

To launch our new pools for $MRFI and LP staking, on both BSC and AVAX, we’ve partnered with Ebisu Finance — a suite of DeFi products live on EVM compatible chains. Morphians can now stake their $MRFI tokens using Ebisu’s secure and user-friendly platform.

APY for new $MRFI pools:
50% — $MRFI Staking BSC
75% — $MRFI Staking AVAX
100% — LP staking BSC
150% — LP staking AVAX

Visit to start staking your $MRFI and LP tokens.

The collaboration also adds Ebisu Finance to our ecosystem, as they soon start using our price feeds, to let users find the current value of holdings. Morphie and Ebisu are also exploring further opportunities where Ebisu will use Morphie Price Feeds and soon to be released VRF.

Please note — the previous pool will be stopped and you will only be able to unstake. No user will be eligible for new rewards.

While we understand that new apy is significantly less than the previous pools, we expect our community to respect this decision to reduce the sell pressure generated from these higher apys and also to incentivize the participants in our validator program.

Soon we will release more updates on the oracle development. So STAY TUNED!!!

About Morphie
Morphie Network is a community-driven decentralized oracle network that gathers and links real-world data and APIs to smart contracts in a safe, scalable, and blockchain-agnostic manner. Morphie’s network oracles serve as on-chain APIs for inputting data into smart contracts, this includes everything from cryptocurrency market data to weather forecasts. Additionally, Oracles can be bidirectional, allowing them to “broadcast” data to the actual world.
Website | Twitter | Telegram

About Ebisu
Ebisu Finance is a codeless and blockchain agnostic suite of token management tools. Ebisu’s platform lets users create as well as lock tokens, automate token vesting, trade locked tokens, create smart contracts and even perform smart contract audits. Holding $BISU, the project’s native token, makes users eligible for discounted fees and exclusive access to certain features. Also, Ebisu gives everyone access to transparent and detailed information of tokens and LP locked by a project, along with its vesting schedule details.
Website | Twitter | Telegram




Morphie Network aims to become the largest Decentralised and community-driven oracle on Avalanche. For more info, visit:

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Morphie Network

Morphie Network

Morphie Network aims to become the largest Decentralised and community-driven oracle on Avalanche. For more info, visit:

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