Morphie Network X AVME — AMA Recap

Past Tuesday we hosted an excellent and very informative AMA with Morphie’s first partner AVME, discussing the details, roadmap and future of the AVME project.

The AMA with Itamar Carvalho, Founder and Lead Developer of AVME, was hosted by our community manager Austin Bell and was attended in large numbers by our community. In case you missed this thrilling AMA, you can find the recap here and also you can go through the AMA itself using mentioned telegram link

Telegram Link to AMA with AVME :


AVME announced rewards worth $300 for the first three questions answered in live AMA and here are the winners:


Congratulations to three winners on winning $AVME worth $100 each!


Austin Bell: We are honored to welcome Itamar Carvalho, Founder and Lead Developer of AVME. Hello Sir, Can you give our community a brief about yourself and the project AVME

Itamar🔺: Surely, about me, I’m a young self-taught developer and entrepreneur currently aiming to create a protocol that can be useful for everyone!

About AVME, I believe that most of the users here know this already, but we are a non-finance related project, AVME aims to be a decentralized security protocol, with tools like VPN, password manager. So far we have created the first desktop wallet for avalanche and we are working non-stop to release our mobile wallet too!

Austin Bell: First desktop wallet for avalanche, that’s great. So before we start let me inform community about the format of today’s AMA. We’ll start with 10 introduction questions, received from the community. After that we’ll open chat for few minutes and questions will be collected from community.

First three questions selected to answer will be eligible to win $AVME worth $100

Austin Bell: @itamarcps let me know if we should start with introduction questions?

Itamar🔺: Let’s continue.

Austin Bell: Great!

Community Questions

Austin Bell: So to start, can you please explain on Decentralized Security. What will be the main differences between your blockchain-based security products and conventional (centralized) security products?

Itamar🔺: It all boils down to a single word, Trust! With a centralized protocol, you have to trust the company your are storing or using data from, which for security isn’t great.

With AVME, we are going to be as transparent as possible for you, as the user, so you can be sure that we are not collecting neither selling your data.

Austin Bell: This is good for everyone I hope. Shall we continue to our next question

Itamar🔺: Yes

Austin Bell: @itamarcps please let us know about AVME’s roadmap. What AVME has achieved, where it is right now and what is expected down the road.

Itamar🔺: As I said, our desktop wallet is available for download on all systems. Currently, we are finishing development of our mobile wallet and starting the development of our VPN protocol

Besides also working on the implementation of multiple chains inside our wallet 😉

Austin Bell: Multiple chains, that’s nice! So talking about chains, you chose Avalanche. What are the advantages of building your products on the Avalanche platform?

Itamar🔺: Subnets! The only reason we choose Avalanche is because of subnets, they are revolutionary. Subnets allow us to build blazing fast protocols, and that is needed on AVME.

Austin Bell: Can’t agree more on this. We noticed that the 2.1.0 version of your desktop wallet has been released!. Can you please explain on how a wallet, of a project related to security, is going to help its users. Also what’s new in the latest version of your wallet

Itamar🔺: The latest wallet can be summed up to a single phrase, Bug fixes. The 2.1.0 wallet is more stable compared with the previous versions. About security, this is where AVME comes in hand, we keep all the important data encrypted except when needed, that is why we require your password every time you do a transaction. It is for your own safety 😁

Austin Bell: Excellent! And what about competitors already in the market and how your product is going to stay ahead of them, especially Metamask?

Itamar🔺: One of the things that we made with the AVME Wallet is guarantee compatibility with other websites. Currently you are able to use our dekstop wallet with our browser plugin to access any DAPP. We stay ahead of Metamask by being a safer, lighter and faster alternative, for example, our desktop wallet only uses 50MB of ram!

Austin Bell: You told us about AVME’s mobile wallet being in development, what will be the features of this highly anticipated version?

Itamar🔺: Practically the same features as the Desktop Wallet, but including mobile only features, like fingerprint lock and QR code.

Austin Bell: 🤟 So shall we continue to our next question?

Itamar🔺: yes!

Austin Bell: Great. Can you please explain our comminity about the use cases of your token, and how users can be motivated to buy and hold long term?

Also are there any benefits right now for staking or farming $AVME?

Itamar🔺: Currently you are able to stake AVAX/AVME LP tokens to receive AVME. In the future, AVME itself will be used for paying for the security suite services.

Austin Bell: Do you think your system is secure enough? How safe is your system in securing funds and user data? Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Itamar🔺: The private keys for your accounts are kept encrypted until it is really needed. It is very simple to use our wallet instead of Metamask, probably even easier!

Austin Bell: And as last introduction question, we would like to know about the biggest obstacle for the project in terms of development and how have you overcome it?

Itamar🔺: The biggest obstacle so far was having to create everything from scratch. As you might know, our desktop wallet is completely made from scratch in C++, because no libraries for web3 CPP exists. What we did is creating our own instead!

Austin Bell: From scratch to moon we hope 😊 And there is one more thing that we would like to know, AVME’s recent partnerships. Also what new partnerships of AVME can we see down the road

Itamar🔺: You can be sure we will be creating new partnerships and maintaining the old ones, as you know there is a uniqueness in our project, besides of course we being in constantly in development. Besides that, we have a wallet! So partnerships are always happening.

Austin Bell: Waiting to hear on new partnership announcements from AVME!! Now let’s move to community questions from Live AMA. Chat will be open for a few minutes for community to ask questions

AMA Round

Austin Bell: So many questions, wow

Itamar🔺: Yep, and very good questions too!

Austin Bell: @itamarcps Please feel free to answer as many questions as you like. Let us know once done

Qs. JLaudybell™🌀: Hello sir @itamarcps, Does “AVME wallet” support Ledger connection? if yes How do I connect to my Ledger? then how can I upgrade “Premium” membership in AVME wallet? and What are the advantages of a “Premium” membership?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to JLaudybell™🌀] Yes, our wallet does support Ledger connection! About “AVME premium”, there is no Premium version of the wallet! If you asked about our services, yes, AVME will be used to pay for the security services.

Qs. King_Coin: what are the ways that generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to King_Coin] There is a treasury fee on our AVAX/AVME LP staking, besides that, this Treasury Fee will be also present when purchasing a service. This fee goes directly to our treasury, and it is used to fund development. There isn’t a devfee, or team fee! All for the company treasury 😎

Qs. Caner ö: Recent days there have been many Opensea & Metamask related big NFT hacks. How do you evaluate this situation? And how ready are you to grow this market and change this negative perception?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to Caner ö] We can insure your safety by not allowing attackers to have direct access to your private keys, but we cannot insure a given contract safety

Qs. Joseph McIntosh: Which one of these aspects is important for you?
1-Increasing Token Price & Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally
In what order?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to Joseph McIntosh] Trust is the most important of them all, in my opinion

Qs. Georgina Harris: Why you are currently focusing in creating a wallet rather than the security suite itself? Are there any reasons behind this decision?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to Georgina Harris] The reason for creating a wallet first, is to create the foundation of our services! As our services will be built in the blockchain itself, it requires a wallet in order to interact with it. But do not be afraid! you will be able to choose which of our services you want to use. Only the VPN? That’s ok! Only the Wallet? Can too! But for the best experience, you will want to have the whole suite

Qs. Rishav Upadhyay: The Defi ecosystem of Avalanche has many integration options for AVME , how is the team moving in that direaction ?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to Rishav Upadhyay] One of the things that we made with our wallet is allowing third party developers to create applications inside of it. So it is possible for run a DAPP, for example Trader Joe, directly inside the wallet instead of having to open your browser!

Qs. John Charlessa: Regarding about the current market situation is too unstable, holding back investors.. So can you give me some good reasons why I should buy your tokens in this market situation? And also why should your token holder keep holding?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to John Charlessa] The reason is simple: we are constantly developing, you can follow us on

Qs. Tia Wilson: How does AVME is planning to ensure scalability and cost effectiveness?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to Tia Wilson] Yes! The whole reason of being on Avalanche is because of that. Subnets allows us to keep the protocol running at a lower cost, besides of course being as efficient as possible. If we have deployed AVME on Ethereum, it would be impossible to have the security products without being it too expensive to run.

Qs. Nguyen Huy: My question is, what are your plans for the wallet’s design? Do you have UX designers hired to create a wallet that is unique and better than anything we’ve seen before? It’s great that there will be all these integrations to the wallet, but I can’t see myself using something like this if it doesn’t have a good, intuitive design that looks nice. @itamarcps

Itamar🔺: [In reply to Nguyen Huy] About UX, we are aiming to have a better UI with the next major update, which is 3.0.0

Qs. Jackson: Does AVME Wallet have swap features?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to jackson] Yes, we do! You are able to use paraswap natively, or the exchange itself (Pangolin, Trader Joe, etc) inside the wallet.

Qs. Andasin: How are you planning to attract the non-Crypto Users in your platform , Can you talk about the UI/UX , Is it easy to use even for users who are unaware of blockchain ?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to Andasin] Yes! You as a non-crypto user in the future, will be able to purchase the service using your credit card (for example) and have us (the AVME Foundation company) process your payment, because the contracts are paid with AVME.

Qs. Peteersoon: Hi, I heard that the AVME and NFTz Team have postponed the VirusWars presale “indefinitely” so can you please tell me in detail the constraints What made you Decide to Postpone the VirusWars Presale? and How can a $AVME holder like me get “MechaHorse NFT”?

Itamar🔺: [In reply to Peteersoon] We have indefinitely postponed VIrusWars, but stay tuned in our socials! If I haven’t answered your question but you are still curious to know more, be free to DM me!

Austin Bell: Excellent, I hope most of the questions are covered in the answers, so please don’t fill @itamarcps chat with random messages😝

Let’s end today’s AMA and give AVME a huge round of applause. Thanks @itamarcps , It was a pleasure to host the AMA of such a great project - AVME. We wish you the very best!

Thanks Morphians for being here in large numbers. For all the latest news and updates, join us -

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Morphie Network aims to become the largest Decentralised and community-driven oracle on Avalanche. For more info, visit:

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