Morphie Price Feeds Are Live on Avalanche Mainnet

Lots of exciting things are coming to Morphie Network in 2022 🙌

Just a week after announcing the early bird access to the Morphie Network Validator program, we are glad to share that Morphie price feeds are now LIVE on Avalanche mainnet.

Morphie is now live with the top 17 pairs of price feeds, empowering the smart contract developers to build advanced DeFi applications on Avalanche’s limitless open-source platform. And that’s just the beginning as we plan to roll out 20 more price feeds very soon in the coming weeks!

These price feeds are generated from the validator nodes run by some of our Beta network participants including our own node, Avaxlauncher and some other private validators. Native to the Avalanche blockchain, these price feeds run at a fast speed and at a very low cost.

To start building with Morphie Price Feeds on Avalanche, check out the following developer documentation —

And, if you are a developer and would like to request new Price Feeds for virtually any type of financial asset or market data, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for help.

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